Age 1-12months  

Infants will be cared for by nurturing and loving staff who quickly responds to their individual needs and who regularly interact with them. 

Staff to infant ratio 1: 3-4


Age 1 (and walking) to 2 ½ years 

Toddlers will spend their days exploring, sharing and learning.  Toddlers will thrive in our creative, interactive, language rich environment.  Teachers will also work to help toddlers develop their independence by personal care and feeding routines.   

Staff to child ratio 1: 6-7


Age 2 ½ to 4 years - Full day care 

Age 3 - 4 years – Half-day care  

Preschoolers will have many opportunities to develop their social and intellectual skills through play, discovery, and positive interactions. This program is enriched with hands-on learning activities and encourages curiosity and creativity.  Classroom routines are introduced and children learn to share, follow rules, participate in a group, communicate their needs and strengthen independence.  Preschoolers will also have many opportunities to develop friendships with their peers with a variety of fun experiences that combine learning fundamental skills with play. 

Staff to child ratio 1:9-10


Age 4 - 6 years – Full day care

Age 4 - 6 years – Half-day care 

Our Pre- Kindergarten program prepares children for kindergarten by providing readiness instruction and activities in language, literacy, math, reasoning, and social and emotional development.  We experiment through science, learn through play, engage in great children’s literature, explore the world of math, experience our world with “being there experiences,” and so much more. 

Staff to child ratio 1:9-10

School Age

School Age Age 5 – 12 years

 In before/ after school care children will have the opportunity for physical and social development.  This is a time for them to “be a kid” and relax by enjoying activities such as running, crafts, reading, games, and rest time.  Help with homework such as reading; writing and math will also be available. 

Staff to child ratio 1:13-15